Panzer (YAQ): IDF (Israeli Defense Force)

Panzer (YAQ): IDF (Israeli Defense Force)

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Sinai Front: Ismailia Pass
After the crossing of the Canal and the battle for Chinese Farm, General Sharon's division was given the mission to widen the corridor between the Egyptian 16th Infantry Division and the Israeli Canal crossing point near Deversoir to prevent future …

Sinai Front: Botzer
At the height of the battle for Chinese Farm the Egyptians rushed reinforcements from both the north and the south into the fray. From the south came the 25th Armored Brigade, one of the premier units of the Egyptian armed …

Sinai Front: Giddi Pass
During the afternoon of the 6th of October 1973 one of the assaulting Egyptian brigades, the 130th Marine Brigade, crossed the Canal and pushed straight on towards the passes in the Khatmia Mountains with the mission of securing the western …

Sinai Front: Sudr Pass
In the opening minutes of the 73 War, over thirty Egyptian Commando platoons were dispatched by helicopter to various locations in the Sinai region. Most of the platoons were assigned to ambush Israeli tank columns on their way to the …

Sinai Front: Bir Gifgafa
During the battle for the central Sinai, the Egyptian High Command at first rushed reinforcements to the area then later issued withdrawal orders to bring them back to the Canal. In the confusion several units did not receive the withdraw …

Sinai Front: Sheikh Zuweid
On the first day of the 67 War, units of the Israeli 7th Armored Brigade were ordered to attack the forward elements of the Egyptian 7th Infantry Division located around the town of Rafah on the southern end of the …

Sinai Front: Katib el Subha
For the past three days the Israeli 7th Armored Brigade has been steadily advancing across the central Suez pursuing withdrawing Egyptian units. At Bir Gigafa the Egyptian 1st Armored Brigade deployed to delay the Israelis and allow the other…

Golan Heights: Tel Maschara
The Jordanians were late to enter the war, not making their initial appearance until October 13, when they committed their crack 40th Armored Brigade, By October 16, the Jordanian 40th Armored Brigade was protecting the flank of the Syrian 5th …

Golan Heights: Tel Shaar
After suffering irreplaceable losses in their initial assault on October 13, the Iraqis, along with their Arab allies, assumed a defensive posture. From October 17 through 22, they engaged in a series of holding actions and spoiling attacks.…

Sinai Front: East of El-Qantara
After the initial Egyptian successes fell into holding actions and the Israeli counterattack essentially failed, the front fell into a period of probing and spoiling attacks. The Israeli intelligence indicated that the respite would only be…

Golan Heights: Mutzav III
In keeping with the philosophy of static defensive positions, the Israeli high command established a line of defensive fortifications on the Northern Front. This line stretched in the north from under the shadow of Mount Herman to the Jordanian…

Sinai Front: Bar Lev Line
Constant Egyptian pressure during the War of Attrition (1967-1970) prompted the Israeli high command to establish permanent defensive positions along the eastern edge of the Suez Canal. This defensive system became known as the Bar-Lev Line after…

Sinai Front: Chinese Farm
Prior to the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, the Israelis developed a plan for a forced crossing of the Suez Canal. This plan, designated Operation Stout-Hearted (Mivtza Abirey Lev), was the brain child of Major General Ariel Sharon when …

Golan Heights: Valley of Tears
On the Golan Heights, the second day of the war found the Israeli forces holding on by an extremely thin thread. The first day's actions had virtually decimated the few tank units the Israelis had available. The Syrian tank and …

Golan Heights: Zaoura
The Syrians have long been held as the real responsible party behind the Six Day War. Yet, when the war started, the Syrians were content to leave the fighting to their Egyptian and Jordanian allies. Their only contribution was an …

Central Front: French Hill
Considering the quantitative límitations of the Israeli forces, the prospect of war with Jordan was viewed with a high degree of concern. Plans had been laid to deal with Syria, but any protracted engagement with Jordan's seven brigades would place …

Sinai Front: Um Katif
Ariel Sharon's Ugdat was tasked to clear the “central route” of the enemy. In the middle of this objective was the Abu Ageila road junction. On the night of June 5th, preliminary clashes had already taken place at the village …

Sinai Front: Ismailia Pass
Israel Tal”s 7th and 60th Armored Brigades, having swung southwest after overrunning the Egyptian forces at Rafa and Bit Lahfan, turned west along the so-called “central route” in a race for the key mountain passes and, ultimately, the Suez Canal …
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