Panzer (YAQ): Armor: A Tactical Game of Armored Combat in Western Europe, 1944-1951

Panzer (YAQ): Armor: A Tactical Game of Armored Combat in Western Europe, 1944-1951

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Hill of Death
Hill 112 has a commanding view over the surrounding fields and several small villages, which made it a key position. After the British took the hill, it was subjected to as many as 14 German attacks, all of which were …

Parker’s Crossroads
Route N15 is the major road from Liege to Bastogne. U.S. Major Arthur C. Parker, withdrawing with remnants of his 598th Field Artillery Battalion, realized the value of the crossroads at Baraque de Fraiture, decided to dig in and make …

The Battle for Rome
As the German 2nd Parachute Division advanced on Rome, several Italian formations, including the elite 21st “Grenadiers of Sardinia” Division, set up blocking positions and attempted to halt it. Slowly but inexorably the paratroopers pushed closer…

Last Roundup
The US 12th Army Group was using the Erfurt-Leipzig axis as their main line of advanceinto the heart of Germany. The industrial city of Erfurt was at the edge of the area which the Wehrmacht’s 11th Army was attempting to …

The American 2nd and 99th Infantry Divisions, one tire and battered, the other inexperienced, were entrenched in the twin villages of Rocherath-Krinkelt. As the 12th SS Panzer Division began the assault on Rocheracth on the 18th, American artillery…

A Small Town In Germany
The occupation of the Groningen bulge made it possible for the British Second Army to drive into northern Germany. The Allied advance did not go smoothly. Small “stay-behind” forces resisted bitterly. One example occurred when the Canadian 4th…

Action At Kommerscheidt
By October, 1944 the American Army had ripped two large holes in the Siegfried Line at Aachen and Roetgen. The next step called for a limited flanking operation in the Huertgen Forest. The 28th Division was ordered to carry out …

Last Act In Lorraine
For nearly a month the US 4th Armored Division had been fighting in difficult terrain to clear Lorraine. On 6 December, in an attempt to take Bining and Rohrbach and reach the River Sarre and the German border, Lt. Col. …

Morgan’s Stand
Lt. Allen Morgan’s 2nd Platoon (as well as the rest of the 53rd Battlion) had orders to hold an important crossroads west of the Moselle River. On September 10th the Germans counterattacked the junction, but were repulsed in a furious …
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