Panzer (YAQ): 88: A Tactical Game of Armored Combat on the North African Front, 1940-1942

Panzer (YAQ): 88: A Tactical Game of Armored Combat on the North African Front, 1940-1942

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Camp Nibeiwa
Operation Compass, the codename for Wavell’s offensive against Italian-held Libya, was kicked off with several assaults on Italian frontier camps. These camps were built to cover the approaches to the coastal road between Sidi Barrani and Bardia, and…

Sunday of the Dead
Day 6 of Operation Crusader found the 6th South African Brigade deployed in anticipation of a German attack near Point 178. The attack commenced around 1500 hours and drew intense artillery and AT fire from the defenders, causing the German …

Ci Arrendiamo (“We Surrender”)
In an attempt to halt the Italian 1oth Army which was retreating south from Benghazi, Combeforce - a motor infantry battalion reinforced with artillery and armored cars - was dispatched ahead of the pursuing British 7th Armoured Division. On 5 …

A Bridgehead Too Wet
When the British 8th Army began crossing the Mareth Line, one of the obstacles encountered was the wide, steep-sided Wadi Zigzaou. The first units to make their way across the wadi were accompanied by some 40 Valentine tanks, used because …

Escape From Derna
As Rommel’s first offensive pushed across Cyrenaica, the British fighting withdrawal turned into a rout. Those forces falling back along the northern and southern edges of the Djebel Akhdar gravitated to the seaside town of Derna, where the coast…

The Panzer Thrust Is Slowed
The first day of the Gazala Battles. After slamming into the 4th Armoured Brigade and overrunning the 3rd Indian Motor Brigade the 15th and 21st Panzer Divisions of the Afrika Korps continued to run due north literally looking for a …

The Clash of Armor
The first full-scale encounter between British and German armor in the Battle of Gazala began at approximately 7:15 am in the morning of the 27th of May, 1942 when the British 4th Armoured Brigade was assaulted by the entire armored …

New Kid On The Block
On November 27 the Allied spearhead of the TORCH landings ran into heavy opposition near Tebourba. The 1st Surrey’s scout vehicles contacted 15 German tanks, some of which were from the 501st Schwere Tank Abteilung, some 13 Pz III and …

Half A Chance
On the second day of Operation Crusader, the southwest flank of the Axis front was occupied by the Italian Ariete Armored Division. Alerted that a British attack was imminent, they had prepared defenses behind areas of low-lying ground turned boggy …

The Gazala battles had been raging for days with Panzerarmee Afrika driving for the great prize of Tobruk. Several British strongpoints still lay in its path, one of which was the Knightsbridge box held by the 201st Guards Motor Brigade …

Blazin’ Chariots
On the second day of Operation Crusader, Kampfgruppe Stephan had been formed from units of the 21st Panzer Division in response to reports of incursions of British tanks. Kampfgruppe Stephan encountered elements of the 4th Armoured Brigade alone in…
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