Great War Commander: British Expeditionary Force

Great War Commander: British Expeditionary Force

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 Last Charge Of The Sturm-Panzer-Kraftwagen
The last German tank action of the war occured when Abteilungen 12 (Beute), 13 and 14 (Beute) were deployed to support a counterattack by the 28th Division near Sebourg. Between them, Abteilung 12 and 13 fielded only five Mark IV …

 All For Schnuck
"At 5 a.m., the enemy barraged our front line, and half an hour later launched a strong counterattack. As the advancing Germans approached the line, it was seen that they were accompanied by tanks, a new experience for our men. …

 Yanks Are Coming
General Pershing continues to struggle with his Allies who want to take and absorb his American units into their own armies. One such division is the 33rd from Illinois. Since June it has trained with British lll Corps at the …

At 4.20, as the artillery opened intense fire on the whole front of attack, the British infantry and tanks advanced to the assault. The tanks crashed into Cerisy knocking down buildings and opening fire on the German garrison. Three companies …

 Alter Fritz
Five minutes after dawn Group l's “heavy field kitchen's” initiated their attack on Villers-Bretonneux. After passing into no man's land ahead of the accompanying 207RIR, Lotti and unnamed A7V 560 stopped to eliminate machine-gun nests to get the…

 First Tank On Tank Deluxe
What if 2nd Lieutenant Franck Mitchell, commander of Mark TV tank A1 (4086) while ordering his gunner and machine gunners to better target “Nixe” spotted a new threat: A7Vs "Siegfried” (525) and “Schnuck” (504)…? What if “X” Company's Whippets…

 First Tank On Tank
A soldier reported to 2nd Lieutenant Franck Mitchell, commander of Mark IV tank Al (4086) that enemy tanks were about. Mitchell opened a loophole and saw the A7V tank "Nixe" (561) approaching half a kilometre away. As neither Mitchell nor …

 Manchester Hill
Posthumous Victoria Cross citation for Lieutenant-Colonel Wilfrith Elstob, Commanding Officer, 16th Battalion Manchester Rifles: For most conspicuous bravery, devotion to duty and self-sacrifice during operations at Manchester Redoubt, near St.…

 Hotel Bellevue
The 43rd Battalion was assigned the objective of capturing Bellevue Spur, an adjoining hill with a trench system considered a main line of defence at Passchendaele Ridge. At first they made good progress with their advance but were soon caught …

 Delville Wood
Major General Furse ordered the 1st South African Brigade to attack Delville Wood, and to take it at all costs. This advance was to proceed, even if the 26th and 27th Brigades had not captured the north of Lougueval. The …

 Better Than The Best
At 7:30 am, the 86th and the 87th Brigade of the 29th Infantry Division attacked, but failed to clean out and occupy the German lines. The Newfoundland Battalion, as part of 88th Brigade, was ordered to reinforce the effort and …

 Gurkhas At The Chapelle
As the battlefield around the village is flat country and the ground is cut by many small drainage ditches, the Germans were not able to dig trenches in this area, but constructed instead above ground breastworks. This defense was easily …

 Sanatorium Furiosum
Field Marshal Sir John French had courageously agreed to hold the canal line for twenty four hours while the French 5 Armée reorganised its line; the time was nearly up. 3rd Division's 8th Brigade had withdrawn from Mons into the …

 Le Bois Haut
At 6 pm the Gordons were still holding their line on the Faubourgd'Havré-Malplaquet road, defying the enemy who seemed to have reverted to their tactics of pressing forward in massed, closed ranks. But the pressure was telling. The 18 pdrs …

Around the village of Nimy, the 4th Royal Fusiliers were engaged defending two bridges over the Canal du Centre, from about 7 am until forced to withdraw around 2 pm. Lieutenant Dease, a machinegun officer, won the first VC of …

The British Expeditionary Force arrived on the 21st, cavalry patrols clashed on the 22nd, and on the 23rd nine and a half British battalions along a nine-mile front fought all day to hold off four German divisions from von Kluck's …
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