Tank Leader: Desert Steel

Tank Leader: Desert Steel

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Kasserine Pass
In early 1943, Rommel planned to outflank the Allied armies in Tunisia from the south in order to cut off their supplies in three major thrusts: 21 Panzer Division ranging through Sbiba Gap, 10 Panzer assaulting the eastern reaches of …

Tebourba Gap
While the Allied annies massed outside of the Axis bridgehead in Tunisia, Luftwaffe Marshal Kesselring ordered 10 Panzer Division to make a spoiling attack. The Allied spearhead, Blade Force, a combined British and American armored brigade group, and…

The Second Battle of el Alamein began with an artillery barrage heavier than any since World War I. Montgomery assigned 834 25pdr. field guns and 48 medium guns to blast a front of 12,000 yards wide. The creepíng barrage swept …

Alam El Halfa Ridge
After a severe nose-bloodying at First Alamein, Rommel took the month of August to formulate his plans. He hoped to defeat the British quickly in order to reach the Delta before the arrival of another major Allied convoy. Unfortunately, it …

First Battle of Alamein
After the German breakout of the Cauldron at Gazala, followed by the rout of the Allies, the fall of Tobruk, and the suprising victory at Morsa Matruh, Rommel pressed en towards Alexandria and the Suez. But his men had been …

The Cauldron
The Battle of Gazala raged on for days. By the end of the sixth day, 31 May 1942, Rommel found himself in desperate straits with his entire mobile force trapped behind the Gazala line. His supply lines were stretched thin: …

Torensonntag was the German version of Memorial Day and All Souls' Day combined, and literally means Sunday of the Dead. On this particular Sunday, however, during the height of the Sidi Rezeg battles of Operation CRUSADER, the Afrika Korps had …

Operation CRUSADER
The British winter offensive began on 19 November 1941 with the seattering of Eígth Army's armored forces: 7th Armoured Brigade drove on the escarpment at Sidi Rezeg, 22nd Armoured bogged down attacking the well dug-in Ariete Division at Bir el …

After destroying the British 2nd Armoured Division at El Agheila, Rommel prepared to assault the Australian 7th Division, which had fallen back upon the port of Tobruk. Realizing the strategic nature of the town, Rommel could not bypass it,…

Sidi Barrani
In the fall of 1940, Italian Marshal Rudolph Graziani was given the task by the Duce to take Egypt from the British. For this task, he was assigned an army of a quarter of a million men, which lazíly rolled …

Sidi Bou Zid
At 0630, 14 February 1943, St. Valentine's Day, the 10th Panzer Division rolled through the Faid Pass on its way towards Sidi Bou Zid. In its way lay Lessouda Force: a group of U.S. ínfantry, tanks, tank destroyers and armored …

The Second Battle of el Alamein was a two part thrust by the Allies to destroy the Afrika Korps. This time, they had superiority in every way: in airpower, tank strength, ínfantry training and equipment, supplies, replacements, and intelligence. The…

On 27 May 1942 Rommel was beginning his outflanking of the Gazala line. After seattering the 3rd and 7th Indian Motor Brigades from the southern flank of the line, the tanks of the Afrika Korps and the Italian XX Motorized …

The Tiger convoy of May 1941 reached Alexandria laden with 238 of the latest British tanks and 43 Hurricanes for the R.A.F. These Tiger cubs had been rushed through the Straights of Gibraltar in the hopes of an early Allied …

Beda Fomm
After the massive defeats at Sidi Barrani, Bardia, Tobruk, and Derna, the Italian Army could think of nothing but flight. However, as they raced along the Coastal Road back to Trípoli, they found the road blocked at Beda Fomm. The …
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