Conflict of Heroes: Miscellaneous

Conflict of Heroes: Miscellaneous

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Dry Ground
After the battle of Kursk and the lose of Kharkov, German forces withdrew towards the mighty Dnieper river. They believed that the river, though unfortified, would be enough to allow them to stabilize their lines. The Soviets however concentrated on…

Swamps of Bryansk
Early in the campaign, the Germans relied on speed, surprise, and superior tactics to overwhelm or bypass Soviet defenders. Occasionally though, the Germans were forced to fight the Soviets at their own game: positional defense. In this case, the…

Last Stand
Soviet Personal Field Journal: 'Our staff has been told that the first elements of the 10th Panzer Div and von Hauenschild's 86th Rifle Regiment are forcing their way into the town center. We currently have them surrounded, but our men …

Stalwart Line
Soviet 'Reserve Front' Field Report: A German Panzer Division has broken through our lines and is moving on Vyazma directly from the south. The situation on our left flank is grave. We have no forces to secure the Moscow highway. …

Race for Victory
German Field Journal: We linked up with the Fallschirmjäger three hours ago and they guided us to Yukhnov. Our scouts report a hastily prepared defensive perimeter southeast of the city. We have been ordered to neutralize the bunkers guarding the …

Breaking Point
German Field Report to Major General Fischer: The Division commander dispatched our Mechanized Unit to extract the returning Fallschirmjäger at an arranged meeting point west of Kurovskoy. It is 06:00, we are on location, set in a loose defensive…

German Field Journal: We have escaped from Yukhnov and are now working our way back on foot towards friendly forces. We are very tired, but the enemy is close behind us. We have spotted a village ahead that the Soviets …

Behind Enemy Lines
German High Command Report: After the heavy losses to the Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) during the capture of Crete, large scale airdrops are no longer a strategic option. Instead, it has been decided to test the effectiveness of small surgical…

Remnants of cut-off Soviet infantry Units, scattered after the fall of Kiev, have begun partisan activities. A heavily armed group of partisans operating near Priluki have been tracked by a group of soldiers from the German 161st Inf. Div. sent …

Hunting Chernov
The German XXIV Panzer Corps has punched through the Soviet defenses south of Warsaw. Unfortunately, the Panzers are low on fuel and are now threatened by the hastily reformed remnants of the 26th Soviet Army. The Germans can barely stop …

Tank Hunt
‘I was wounded last month, shot in the leg. The doctors deemed me fit to return to the front, damn them. They sent me to a ruin of a city, where I hear we are still fighting it out with …

Search and Destroy
Soviet Partisans have been harassing German supply wagons. In an attempt to root out local combatants, a platoon of German trackers are searching a nearby abandoned Soviet village for the Partisans and weapons stockpiles. With the first knock on a …

X Oktybra State Farm
During late July, the Germans launched their Fall Blau offensive in the southern Soviet Union. Near the Don River, the Soviet 158th Separate Heavy Tank Brigade of the 28th Tank Corps of the 1st Tank Army attacked the Germans across …

Sandomierez Counter Attack
In early August 1944 the First Ukrainian Front crossed the Vistula River near the Polish city of Sandomierez. The Germans counter-attacked with armored forces including their new King Tiger tanks to eliminate the bridgehead. However, the Soviets had…

At the beginning of 1945, World War II was drawing to a bitter end. Allied forces had crossed the Rhine and were quickly advancing into German territory, while the Red Army was steam rolling through eastern Germany. Marshal Zhukov himself …
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