Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honour

Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honour

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Tragedy of Victory
On Sept 9th, the Independent Operational Group “Polesie”, led by General Franciszek Kleeberg, was created to guard the Polesie area and the Brześć (Brest) fortress against German units (including Guderian’s XIX Corps) that had broken through the…

The Last Stand
The Polish Border Defense Corps was the only regular Polish defense on the eastern border on the day of the Soviet invasion. After a series of border fights, the Polish forces were concentrated under the command of General Wilhelm Orlik-Rückemann …

End of the Line
After breaking through the German lines at the battle of Krasnobród, General Władysław Anders’ Cavalry Group was moving south to carry out its last order - to evacuate soldiers via the Romanian or Hungarian borders. Afterwards, they were to leave …

Clashing Sabers
A Polish cavalry group led by General Władysław Anders, composed of the “Kresowa”, “Nowogródzka” and “Wołyńska” cavalry brigades, was attempting to break through the German encirclement to the south during the Second Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski.…

No Surrender
The invading Soviet armies marched into Polish territory with ease, as most Polish units were facing the Germans. The Soviets, however, suffered both from a lack of supplies and tactical planning. The Soviet officer cadre was very young and…

Race for Lwow
For seven days, the city of Lwów repelled German attacks. However, on Sept 19th, a Soviet rapid attack column struck the city from the east. Thus began a race between the invading armies to conquer this great Polish city, a …

Captured Convoy
During the third phase of the Battle of Bzura (Sept 16-19), Polish forces of the “Poznań” and “Pomorze” armies were trying to break through to Warsaw via the forested area of Kampinos Woods. Leading the Polish formation was the “Wielkopolska” …

The Red Tide
The stiffening resistance of Polish forces and the Bzura counteroffensive had slowed the German Blitzkrieg. Fearing an imminent attack from France, the Wehrmacht was under increasing pressure to conclude the Polish campaign. The Polish decision to…

The Romanian
The Poles had originally planned to make a defensive stand along the Vistula river, but because this line was overrun, the Polish Commander in Chief, Edward Śmigły-Rydz, decided to withdraw his troops towards the so-called ‘Romanian Bridgehead’. This…

Shadows in the Mist
The Battle of Bzura (Sept 9-19, 1939) was one of the biggest battles of the Polish campaign. In the first phase of the battle (Sept 9-12), two Polish armies, “Pomorze” and the “Poznań”, attacked the left flank of the German …

Grojecka Street
Having broken through the border defenses of the Polish “Łódź” Army near Częstochowa on Sept. 3rd, the German 4th Panzer Division, commanded by Major-General Reinhardt, began its drive towards the river Vistula and Poland’s capital city of Warsaw.…

Tank Clash
After breaking through the defensive positions of the Polish 7th Infantry Division, the German XVI Panzer Corps advanced towards Warsaw along the Piotrkowska road. On Sept. 4th, lead German units had reached the hastily prepared Polish positions…

The Black Brigade
General von Kleist’s XXII Army Corps (2nd Panzer, 4th Light and 3rd Mountain Divisions) hit the Polish Army “Kraków” from the south, after moving through Slovakia to bypass the Polish defenses in Silesia. The Polish General Staff was surprised by …

Armored Train No. 53
In the early morning hours of Sept 1st, the German 10th Army crossed the Polish border into the operational sector of the Polish “Wołyńska” Cavalry brigade stationed near the village of Mokra. The “Wołyńska” Brigade was assigned to keep the …

Calvary Charge!
The German 76th Motorized Infantry Regiment of the 20th Motorized Infantry Division was moving east towards the Brda river, pushing back the Polish 85th National Defense Infantry Battalion. The Polish 18th Uhlan (Cavalry) Regiment was ordered to stop…

After seizing the town of Pruszcz, the German 3rd Panzer Division quickly enters the Tuchola Woods through a gap it has found between the 34th and 22nd Infantry Regiments, Polish 9th Infantry Division. There is nothing to stop 3rd Panzer …
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