Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal

Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal

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Narrow Corridor
After the defeat of the Japanese at Mount Austen, the Marines kept up their drive westwards to eradicate all Japanese resistance on Guadalcanal. General Hyakutake, however, was expecting 50,000 reinforcements and with these he planned to retake…

Mount Austen
Mount Austen is composed of a cluster of hills in a jungle area known as “The Gifu”. U.S. Command has decided that taking Mount Austen is a critical step in the elimination of all Japanese forces from Guadalcanal due to …

Shoji’s Escape
The Japanese have suffered a crushing defeat at Henderson Field, and Colonel Shoji was ordered to divert his forces towards Koli Point, about 13 miles east of the Lunga River. The Japanese have sent multiple destroyers loaded with fresh troops, …

Raid on Makin Atoll
Makin Atoll is a Japanese sea plane base in the Gilbert Islands and is garrisoned by 71 men of the Japanese 62nd Garrison Force led by Warrant Officer Kyuzaburo Kanemitsu. The 200 strong Marine 2nd Raiders have traveled secretly to …

The last Banzai
The veteran Japanese 2nd Infantry Division (the Sendai Division) have taken ground from the Marines but the cost has been high. Japanese litter the ground and Maruyama will not not risk more of his soldiers lives without the cover of …

Oka’s Final Gambit
On October 19th, 1,200 men of the 124th Infantry, led by Colonel Oka, crossed the Matanikau River near Mount Austen to outflank the Marines defending the mouth of the Matanikau River. The Marines spotted the crossing column, but were not …

The Sendai Attack
Since October 12th, Japanese engineers have been cutting a 48 km long path through the jungle and hills of Guadalcanal called the “Maruyama Road.” Lt General Hyakutake has ordered Lt General Maruyama and his 2nd (Sendai) Division to traverse the …

Rain of Death
It is clear to Vandegrift that the Japanese are intent on attacking Henderson Field from the west along the coast. With the Japanese removed from their positions east of the Matanikau, the Marines have extended their perimeter to guard the …

Break Out
After Major General Kawaguchi’s failed attack on Henderson Field, the commander of the 17th Army, Lieutenant General Harukichi Hyakutake, is beginning to plan his next assault. Lieutenant General Maruyama and his 2nd Infantry Division landed on…

Race for Rescue
With the knowledge that the Japanese were more organized than initially thought, Maj Gen Vandegrift has committed the 5th Marines (now commanded by the recently promoted Edson) and Griffith’s 1st Raiders to support the 7th Marines after their fight…

Costly Encounter
With their defeat at Lunga Ridge, Kawaguchi’s remaining force has retreated to the western bank of the Matanikau River and the village of Kokumbona where they have prepared defenses. Kawaguchi has assigned the 124th Infantry Regiment, commanded by…

Iron Coffins
As Kawaguchi attacks Bloody Ridge, Major Mizuno is leading the Kuma Battalion (2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry), which had arrived too late for Ichiki’s attack at the Battle of the Tenaru, to attack the Marines’ eastern perimeter near the Ilu River. …

Bloody Ridge
Based on information gathered from his successful raid on Tasimboko, Edson is convinced the Japanese will attack Henderson Field from the south but is unable to convince Vandegrift of the threat. Edson still manages to get his 1st Raiders and …

Edson’s Lucky Raid
Col. Merritt Edson has received reports from Melanesian scouts that 200 to 300 poorly armed Japanese occupy the village of Tasimboko near Taivu Point. With this information, Edson has planned a hit and run raid on Tasimboko with the 1st …

The Meat Grinder
After the Marines landed and had taken Henderson Field, the U.S. fleet that transported them suffered a major defeat by the Japanese Navy. In response, Vice Admiral Fletcher pulled his ships from Guadalcanal before all Marine supplies could be…

Goettge’s Retribution
The Japanese forces that ambushed Goettge’s patrol have fled to the village of Matanikau, west of Henderson Field. Two companies of the 5th Marines have been dispatched to capture the village. At the mouth of the Matanikau River, B Company …

Goettge’s Patrol
The 5th Marines have captured a Japanese warrant officer named Tsuneto Sakado. He divulged that a group of demoralized Okinawan and Korean laborers and Japanese engineers from Henderson Field are in a camp west of the Matanikau River. Colonel…
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