Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear!

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear!

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Belbek Valley
Early June 1942: Germans battled close to the great fortress city of Sevastopol on the Black Sea. Elements of the 436th Infantry Regiment fight to control heavily fortified hills north of Sevastopol in the Belbek Valley. They must capture important …

Battle for Mogilev
On July 26, four infantry divisions of the VII Army Corps - the 7th, 15th, 23rd and 78th launched a concentrated attack into the heart of Mogilev. The 15th Infantry Division under Leutnant General Hell must take the city center …

The Sovkhoz Depot
In their drive for Moscow, the German army ground to a halt within a few kilometers of the city. On December 2, the temperature sank to −37C; cold German tank engines would not start and gun breeches were frozen shut. …

Smolensk Breakout
The Germans are thinly strung out. Isolated pockets of units would be attacked by Soviet forces trying to break an encirclement from both inside and outside. On July 22, the 2nd Rifles Company of the 111th Infantry Regiment desperately tries …

The Demolition
Elements of the German 4th Panzer Division are advancing along the main road from Dmitrovsk towards Oryol. The 6th Guards Rifle Div has prepared defensive positions around Peprez to slow the Germans down. Artillery and numerous truck mounted Katyusha…

Assault on Peprez
Vorausabteilung Hochbaum and other elements of the 35th Pz Regiment encounter heavy resistance on the outskirts of Orel near Peprez village. We must penetrate prepared positions outside town and occupy key locations within. Quick capture will…

Bug River
The first wave of the German 56th Infantry Division crossed the Bug River east of Chelm, Poland, overrunning defending Soviet bunker fortifications. Using up nearly all their heavy ammunition, the Germans were caught on the east side of the river …

Elements of the 6th Schützen Brigade (XLI Motorized Corps, 4th Panzer Group) and its supply train are being held up …

Breakthrough to Mzensk Pocket
Soviet forces have trapped a German element in a village near Mzensk. Cut off, the Germans are in desperate need of supplies. Intelligence reports they will attempt to reinforce and resupply from the north. Three wagons of ammunition and food …

The Bunker
The Germans have crossed the Bug River and are in full attack formations facing east. The Soviets have fortified Hill …

The Monsters
The Soviets skillfully committed their forces against the German flanks, inflicting substantial damage. By evening, the Germans had regrouped and tore through the Soviet defenses capturing the city of Luzk two days later. One year on, Soviet General…

Red Ice
Klin fell on December 14 and the entire 3rd Panzer Army fled west. Broken and defeated, retreating soldiers were often leaderless and without food rations. Army Group Center recombined, defending a 780km front without air support, heavy tank support,…

General Petrov
After the breakthrough by the German LIII Infantry Corps from the SW to Bryansk, Soviet General Petrov withdrew his badly shaken 50th Army to a wooded area NE of Bryansk. Trying to break out of the ensuing Bryansk pocket, the …

The Gap
As the 14th Panzer Division punched through and rushed past the Soviet defenses on the Bug River, a gap opened between the 24th and 262nd Infantry Divisions of the 17th Army. The Soviets surprised the Germans with their tenacity, inflicting …

NKVD Defense at Mir
Elements of Hoth’s 3rd Panzer Group have cornered a Soviet company trying to break through German lines by the wooded area of Mir, southwest of Minsk. Instead of surrendering, NKVD elements drive Red Army units to a fanatical defense. From …

Remnants of cut-off Soviet infantry units, scattered after the fall of Kiev, have begun partisan activities. A heavily armed group of partisans operating near Priluki has been tracked by soldiers from the German 161st Infantry Division, sent to clean…
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