Undaunted: Reinforcements

Undaunted: Reinforcements

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Operation Nicety
Operation Nicety was part of Operation Agreement, which included four simultaneous raids on important Axis lines of communication. The operations were against Tobruk, Benghazi, Jalo, and Barce. The objective of …

Cooperation in  Destruction
In December 1941, the LRDG worked closely with the Special Air Service to conduct raids on Axis airfields at Sirte, El Agheila, Ajdabiya, Nofaliya, and Tamit. In total, they destroyed …

Act with the Utmost Vigour
In late November 1941, the LRDG had been given orders to "act with the utmost vigor offensively against any enemy targets or communications within reach". Y1 Patrol, under the command of Captan Frank Simms, was instructed to attack …

Defence of Mechili
ln early April, the LRDG heard that the nearby town of Mechili was surrounded by the enemy. Mechili was the last stop before Tobruk, which meant that not only Tobruk and Bardia but also the key towns of Jarabub and …

The Final Push
At dawn on 12 August, the Americans made a final push into Mortain, determined to retake the town. American infantrymen from the 119th Regiment and tankers from the 743rd's B Company worked together as they cleared the streets and strongpoints …

On the afternoon of 9 August, the small town of Romagny, just west of Mortain, was still held by German forces. The 119th Regiment's first battalion joined forces with tanks from the 743rd's B Company and approached the town along …

L'Abbaye Blanche
On the afternoon of 7 August, the 120th Regiment's commander received reinforcements that would allow him to drive into the town of Mortain and try to re-establish communications with his forces that had been cut off on Hill 314. Elements …

When the Battle of Mortaín began on 6 August the US 30th Infantry sent a small force to the town of Barenton, 10 kilometres southeast of Mortain, which served as a key German outpost. In the early morning hours of …
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