Undaunted: Normandy

Undaunted: Normandy

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The Bridge at La Fiere
Five hours before the D-Day landings began, a massive force of 6000 paratroopers jumped from 400 Skytrain troop carrier aircraft into an intended objective area of 10 square miles, either side of the Merderet River. Tasked with taking a Bridge …

Night Owls
Late in the evening a squad of US soldiers on a reconnaissance mission deep in the Normandy countryside are cornered by an enemy patrol and pinned down inside a small farmhouse. Under sustained fire, the unit has taken multiple casualties, …

Castle Itter
The Battle for Castle Itter was fought near the Austrian village of Itter on 5 May 1945, in the last days of the War in Europe. US soldiers joined forces with Wehrmacht infantrymen, an SS officer, an Austrian Resistance fighter, …

Following the Germans’ successful seizure of Mortain on the morning of 7 August, battles raged through the streets all around the city. The Americans and Germans were locked in a stalemate until 11 August, when the chief of staff of …

Hill 314
The Germans launched the first attack against Hill 314 shortly after midnight on 7 August. The initial assault involved flanking maneuvers that allowed for surprise attacks against the widely separated American defenders. Under constant attack,…

Critical Intelligence
By the early hours of 7 August, the German forces had overrun the key roadblock southeast of Mortain and had advanced as far as the town of Romagny In desperate need of current tactical intelligence, the US forces sent an …

In the early hours of 7 August, Germany launched a counterattack to eliminate the gains made by the US forces during Operation Cobra and to cut off the units that had advanced into Brittany. One of the first key targets …

Streets of Tessy-Sur-Vire
On 1 August, the 50th Infantry Division was tasked with liberating the town of Tessy-sur-Vire. The Germans held the town and commanded the high ground to the east. The US forces entered from the ridge to the north and were …

La Huberderie
After a one-day postponement due to the bombing errors, Operation Cobra got underway on the morning of 25 July. However, Allied bombing once again resulted in friendly casualties. After order was restored, the 50th Infantry Division began the…

Desperate Withdrawal
Operation Cobra was the code name for an Allied offensive aimed at breaking out of the hedgerows of Normandy and punching through the German defenses. The Operation was set to begin on the morning of 24 July, when hundreds of …

Crossing the Vire
Three weeks after the 50th Infantry Division drove the Germans back behind the protection of the Vire-et-Taute Canal and the River Vire, the division launched its first full-scale offensive, an assault crossing of a defended river line. The days…

Behind Enemy Lines
16 June was followed by a lull for the 30th Infantry Division, while it waited for the arrival of more men and equipment. Over the next three weeks, the division’s activities consisted mostly of vigorous patrolling and active defence. Daylight …

Raid Across the Canal
On 16 June, the 50th Infantry Division finished clearing the area north of the Viraet-Taute Canal. That night they dug in along the gentle slope leading down to the bare and watery no man’s land along the canal. The Germans …

he the 30th Infantry Division moved south of the railway, it encountered German machine-gun nests in the tiny settlement of L’Enauderie. After a forty-minute battle, they cleared the area. By the end of the morning, the US forces had inched …

La Raye
The 30th Infantry Division’s first action was on the morning of 15 June. While over half the division was still afloat or moving through the assembly areas on Omaha Beach, an initial attack was made by an improvised combat team. …
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