Tide of Iron: Miscellaneous Scenarios

Tide of Iron: Miscellaneous Scenarios

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D-Day Mederet
On June 6th, 1944 the American 82nd Airborne Division landed in Normandy. Horribly scattered due to high winds, heavy flak, and inexperienced pilots, elements of the division move to capture the all important road bridges across the flooded Merderet…

Bridges over Troubled Waters
The primary mission of the 101st Airborne Division on D-Day was to secure the exits from UTAH Beach. Its secondary mission was to establish a bridgehead over the Douve River in order to provide a springboard for a drive on …

Coutances Breakout
Operation Cobra: July 28, 1944: The 4th Armored Division was tasked to take Coutances, the first major town on the road to Avranches, the first step to cutting off the Germans in the Cotentin Peninsula. Despite being delayed for three …

Battle of Arracourt
After taking the town of Nancy, Combat Command A of the 4th Armored Division continued east toward the town of Arracourt. When they approached the roads to Arracourt, they came under fire from the 5th Panzer Division. The Shermans and …

Pavlov’s House
Pavlov's House was the name of a fortified apartment building defended by Sergeant Yakov Pavlov during the Battle of Stalingrad. Even though it was only held by fewer than two dozen men at a time, it never fell to repeated …

Guards Counterattack
The 37th Guards Rifle Division attacks the German 389th Infantry Division in an attempt to break the ring around the Dzerzhinsky Tractor factory. The Soviets hoped that applying the crack Guards unit against tired, German defenders would lead to a …

The Grain Elevator
On September 14, 1942, the 24th Panzer Division received orders to launch a surprise assault into southern Stalingrad. A strong kampfgruppe would follow the railroad line north of the El’shanka River towards Stalingrad Station no. 2, wheel northwards…

The longest ridge
As the fighting for Kursk rages to the north, the reconstituted German 6th Army struggles to contain a serious Soviet assault along the Mius River. General Hollidt has ordered the 23rd Panzer Division, along with its newly acquired sIG 33b …

Stemming the Red Tide
The Romanian Fourth Army has been shattered by Operation Uranus, the Red Army’s colossal attempt to encircle the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad. The 48th Panzer Corps, including the 22nd Panzer Division, must attempt to rally the Romanians while…

On December 16, 1944, the Germans launched a major offensive through the densely forested Ardennes region. Better known as the Battle of the Bulge, the Germans caught the Allies by surprise and made early progress. At times, however, the efforts …

The U.S. 1st Armored Division started the process of the final breakout from the Anzio beachhead. Its assignment was to open the road leading to Rome and link up with the rest of the Allies advancing from the south. The …

Breakout from Borisov
The German 18th Panzer Division spearheaded the crossing of the river Berezina from the town of Borisov. As luck would have it, the Soviets brought forward from reserve the 1st Moscow Motorized Rifle Division to stop the Germans.

CounterAttack at Radekhov
The Soviet Army assembled four mech armies to counterattack Army Group South’s Panzer advance in the Ukraine. The Soviet 8th Tank Division encountered the 16th Panzer Division near the city of Radekhov.

Tiger Tracks
The German Tiger I heavy tank is one of the better known tanks of World War II. At the start of the war, Germany did not possess any heavy tanks, but combat experience against the French Char B1 and the …

First Contact Russia
The German 297th Infantry Division probing forward during the opening day of Operation Barbarossa unexpectedly ran into the Soviet 41st Infantry Division. The Soviet 41st Infantry Division was surprisingly alert on June 22, and the German 297th was…

Bridgehead Across the Drut
After breaking through German lines at the beginning of Operation Bagration in June 1944, the Soviet spearheads often had to cross rivers by assault to create bridgeheads on the opposite bank.

Dash to Dunkirk
With the success of Von Mannstein’s Sickle-Cut plan, the Wehrmacht had broken through the densely forested and hilly region of the Ardennes, bypassing the main Allied forces placing them in danger of being cut off. This led to an all-out …
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