Tide of Iron: Days of the Fox

Tide of Iron: Days of the Fox

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Sting of the Cactus
The British 8th army and their American allies have squeezed the remnants of the once powerful Afrika Korps into an ever shrinking pocket in Tunisia. The Allies are on the verge of breaking out of the hills and onto the …

First Tiger Encounter in the Desert
German Heavy Tank Battalion 501 was made up of the new Tiger tanks and Panzer III Ausf. N tanks. On December 1st, 1942, the lead elements of Heavy Tank Battalion 501 attacked elements of the US 1st Armored Division and …

Capture the Oasis
In the vast stretches of North African desert, settlements are sparse and scattered. A British recon patrol has reached a remote oasis town shortly ahead of their German counterparts. The British have set up camp around the oasis as the …

The Cauldron
The Cauldron was a position caught between Lieutenant General Neil Ritchie fully-supplied army, which vastly outnumbered the Germans, and a minefield which prevented Rommel from reaching his supplies. Rommel had blitzed through British defenses and…

Assault on Kidney Ridge
The second battle of El Alamein in October and November of 1942 was a slugfest that slowly ground down Panzer Army A frika ( which included the original Afiika Korps). But the price paid for victory by the attacking British …

Valley of Death
After the success of Operation Torch in November of 1942, Allied forces energetically pursued the Axis forces that had begun retreating into Tunisia. Although progress was extremely slow, the Allies slowly gained vital ground in their advance towards…

Fall of Tobruk
After failing to capture Tobruk in 1941, the German Afrika Korps tried again in 1942.In May and June the reinforced German forces, now named Panzer Army Afrika, broke through the British Gazala line defenses and captured this key Libyan port. …

Operation Crusader
By November of 1941, the British had heavily reinforced the 8th Army and launched attacks with their new Crusader tanks. Confusing, see-saw armor battles raged between the 7th Armored Division ( “Desert Rats ”) and Rommel's Panzergruppe Afrika.…

Rescue Mission
On. November 8, I942, 556 American paratroopers landed in Oran, Algeria. Most landed off course and were subsequently captured. Deep behind enemy lines, a British force attempts a daring rescue.

Hellfire Pass
As part of Operation Battleaxe, the British attempted to relieve the siege of Tobruk by advancing the 4th Royal Tank Regimental and 2nd Cameron Highlanders on what was thought to be an undefended Halfaya Pass. On June 14, 1941, after …
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