Tide of Iron: Stalingrad

Tide of Iron: Stalingrad

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Red October
Massive Stuka attacks contributed to the “house-warming" of the Red October factory beginning on the 29th of September, 1942. As the battle for the Red October drifted into October, Chuikov realized that the best hope for defense did not depend …

Gully of Death
After the fall of the tractor factory, the German forces quickly pressed forward to the Barrikady gun factory. Gurtievs 308th (Siberian) Rifle Division dug in to defend against the next German assault. One regiment was assigned to hold the flank, …

Order No. 227
The central district of Stalingrad was known for continuous house-to-house fighting. The most famous action was the defense of “Pavlov's House", a multi-story building overlooking a square with excellent visibility. Multiple machine guns at different…

Raming Speed
The first day of the assault on the tractor factory, saw heavy fighting as Soviet forces struggled desperately to repel a German advance. Front lines blurred as troopsfrom both sides became isolated. Chaos ensued as tanks crashed through the outer…

Terminal Station
Although the rail station was in German hands, the Soviets counterattacked daily. In order to eliminate the Soviet forces left behind, the Germans had to commit fresh units to clear the area around the station.

Key to the City
The German ground onslaught continued with an assault on the burial mound Marnayev Kurgan. This strategic position would offer the Germans an unmatched view of the city and the Volga River if they could install artillery observation posts atop it. …

Shot for Shot
The 16th Panzer Division approached the Volga River with little opposition. However, AA guns of the 1077th AA Regiment, manned primarily by young women barely out of high school, depressed their gun barrels in order to fire on the oncoming …

Iron Horseman
The reconnaissance elements of the Soviet 10th Replacement Rifle Brigade, 4th Rifle Regiment, are moving through Sadovaya Station along the rail line to establish the location of the Germans, when they encounter lead reconnaissance elements of the…
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