Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear

Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear

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Armoured Maelstrom
While the II SS Panzer Corps was still trying to push north at Prokhorovka, the regular army panzer grenadier division “Grossdeutschland" was to join in the final push and break the stalemate at Kursk. Instead, the elite “GD” had to …

Paradrop at Kanev
The Soviet offensive operations that began at Orel-Kursk in the summer of 1943 continued relentlessly through the end of that pivotal year. A bold use of Red Army paratroopers was planned as part of the attempt to form a bridgehead …

Counterattack at Orel
The Soviet victory in their defense of the Kursk salient was the first time a major German offensive was stopped with only minimal gains. But what made the 1943 summer campaign exceptional was the counterattack that the Soviets planned before …

Tank fight at Prokhorovka
In the spring of 1943, the Germans planned to regain the initiative on their Eastern F ront. A large bulge in the area around the city of Kursk made a tempting target, and the Germans expected their armored spearheads to …

Prelude to Breakout
After Soviet tank armies sealed the pocket at Korsun on 28 January 1944, the Germans immediately began supply operations by air to sustain their troops surrounded in the encirclement. But a counterattack by German panzers to rescue the trapped men …

Creating the Korsun Pocket
After its victory at Kursk in July 1943, the Soviet Red Army relentlessly pushed the Germans back. Although Kiev and a large part of the Ukraine were liberated, six months of constant fighting saw no major breakthroughs. That would change …

Meat Grinder
In the first quarter of 1942, Soviet forces executed a series of offensives near the Moscow area against the German Rzhev salient. While the Soviet objectives were not ultimately accomplished, these battles drew German attention away from reinforcing…

Shock and Awe
In the winter of I942, Soviet forces mounted the Toropets-Kholm offensive south of Lake Ilmen. Soviet forces, although ill-equipped, were able to surprise two forward German regiments, as the regiments were spread to such a degree that they couldn ’t…
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