Wargame Scenarios

Every battle tells a story. The games we play tell the stories of battles past, so that they will not be forgotten. 

Wargame Scenarios displays scenarios from wargames using timelines, maps, and search options. While many games are focused on WWII, we include as many battles across all of history as possible.

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The scenarios selected are the official scenarios for each game, either supplied in the documenation, published on the publishers website, or printed in various magazines.

The level of war covered by the scope of the scenarios listed are mostly at the tactical level. This is a single battle, or smaller units (Division and lower) that covers a time span of a few hours to a few days. Some scenarios are at the operational level, a military campaign, but that depends on the flexibility of the game system involved. Strategic level games, are too large and cover too long a span to be included right now.

The website is organized as Items, Collections, and Exhibits.
Scenarios are the Items, and are organized as Collections.
Collections are the game or game expansion. Exhibits are the grouping of Items or other content. An example of an Exhibit would be all scenarios from all games that took place in WWII or all the scenarios from one game system.

All scenarios have been mapped, but in many cases the location is in a general area, as the scenario descriptions are not always specific about where the scenario took place. 

Timelines of the battles are based on the scenario date. Timelines will be available for games, wars, etc.

Additional related items will be added, such as maps of battles, manuals, books, history, etc. 

I great to place to start is the What's Available page to see the site organization and layout, while getting on idea of the information available.