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Scenario#: WO41     Date: 08/20/1950     Location: Gasan, South Korea

The road from Sangju to Taegu wound through a mountain pass nick-named the "Bowling Alley" by the American troops. In mid-August the North Korean drive was losing steam, the North Korean 13th Division was given the task to complete the breakthrough.…

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Scenario#: 209     Date: 8/31/1950     Location: Agok, South Korea

On the night of 31 August, the North Koreans launched a multi-division attack aimed at Taegu. The bulk of the KPA 9th Infantry Division attacked the line of the 9th Infantry Regiment that roughly followed the Naktong River, with an immediate…

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Korean War, 1950-10-24, Advance of the United Natios Command Forces October 1950.jpg

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Korean War, 1950-11-28, Battle of Ch'ongch'on.jpg

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Korean War, 1950-12-01, Battle of the Changjin Reservoir.jpg

Scenario#: AP189     Date: 4/11/1951     Location: Hwacheon Reservoir, S. Korea

The Bukhan Dam held back the 19 billion cubic feet of water of the Hwacheon Reservoir. Concerned the CPVA might open the dam's sluice gates to hamper his movements, General Matthew Ridgeway ordered the dam to be captured or the gates disabled prior…

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Scenario#: 207     Date: 8/3/1950     Location: Chindong-Ni, South Korea

As July drew to a close, the elite KPA 6th Division moved rapidly to the southern coast in order to slip around the UN left flank, punch a hole through the anticipated weak American defenses, and occupy Pusan in a lightning stroke that would end the…

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Korean War, 1951-04-30, Central Korea - Communist Spring Offensive (First Impulse) Situation 30 April 1951 and Operations since 22 April.jpg

Korean War, 1951-05-20, Central Korea - Communist Spring Offensive (Second Impulse) Situation 20 May 1951 and Operations since 14 May.jpg

Korean War, 1953-07-27, Central Korea - Stalemate in Korea General Defense Line and Corps Sectors During the Period of the Armistice Talks.jpg

Korean War, 1951-11-27, Central Korea - United Nations Offensive Situation 27 November 1951 and Operations since 23 May.jpg

Scenario#: 216     Date: 4/25/1951     Location: Imjin River, South Korea

in the face of the largest attack of the war, with five Communist Chinese armies heading toward Seoul, the UN forces under American I Corps were forced to withdraw from their positions on "Line Kansas" south of the Imjin and Hantan Rivers. Only two…

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Korean War, 1950-12-04, Concentration at Hagaru-ri.jpg

Scenario#: WO32     Date: 9/25/1950     Location: Seoul, South Korea

X Corps landed at Inchon on 15 September and immediately advanced toward Seoul. By the 24th, Col. Lewis “Chesty” Puller’s 1st Regiment crossed the Han River west of the city and jumped off at 0700, but without their usual armor support, as all of the…

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Scenario#: WO28     Date: 7/22/1950     Location: Taejon, South Korea

On July 19, North Korean forces entered Taejon, the site of the 24th Infantry Division's headquarters. William Dean personally led the division in its stand at Taejon. The North Koreans quickly surrounded the city and moved in from the west, north…

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