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Scenario#: 56     Date: 11-Jul-44     Location: Saint-Lo, Normandy, France

On 11 July, XIX Corps was ordered to attack southward toward St. Ló as part of a First Army offensive to push the German Seventh Army out of Normandy. The 29th Division was ordered to attack and seize key terrain …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #3: Normandy

Scenario#: 20     Date: 12-Dec-39     Location: Tolvajarvi, Finland

As two battalions of Belyayev’s 139th Rifle Division skirted the north end of Lake Hirvasjari in an attempt to outflank the Finnish defenders of Tolvajarvi, one company was sent forward along a forest path to the southwest. As discipline within …

Combat CommanderCC: Mediterranean

Scenario#: TBP03     Date: Dec 1944     Location: Ardennes Forest, Belgium

Two reinforced reconnaissance platoons, one German, one US, face each other across No Man's Land. “I'm not exactly sure what country we're in. Could be Belgium, Luxembourg, France, or even Germany. I don't know what day it is. I have …

Combat CommanderTournament Battle Pack

Scenario#: 76     Date: 15-May-40     Location: Dyle River Line, La Tombe Vicinity, Belgium

Second Lieutenant Richard Annand was the recipient of the first Victoria Cross awarded during the Second World War. At 11 a.m. on 15 May the Germans of the 31st lnfantry Division launched a violent attack and pushed forward a bridging …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #5: The Fall of the West

Scenario#: 22     Date: 17-Feb-45     Location: South of Goch, Holland

Operation Veritable, Montgomery’s push to the Rhine, was encountering fanatic German Resistance for every square mile of Holland. Having just about secured the town of Goch, the 1st Gordon Highlanders were ordered to continue the advance south and…

Combat CommanderCC: Mediterranean

Scenario#: 88     Date: 5-Oct-40     Location: The River Medway, England

The British defensive plan in the event of invasion called for the containment of German forces at a series of 'Stop Lines' based around natural defensive features. The most important of these was the Medway Stop Line to the East …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #6: Sea Lion

Scenario#: B     Date: 28-Jun-44     Location: Moguang, Burma

Over the course of three weeks in June, Michael ”Mad Mike” Calvert's 77th (Chindit) Brigade took Mogaung in support of the US advance down the Hukawng Valley. They suffered 50% casualties. Fearing they would then be ordered to join in …

Combat CommanderCC: Pacific

Scenario#: 70     Date: 26-Jun-43     Location: Daliki, Belarus

In a remote village south of Lepel, Byelorussia, with Soviet partisans of an important Operative Center suddenly trapped by a well-executed German rear-area clearing operation.

Combat CommanderCC: Resistance

Scenario#: 110     Date: 24-Apr-40     Location: Gratangen Valley, Narvik Front, Norway

Major Stautner of the 2nd Battalion, 139th Gebirgsjager Regiment saw an opportunity to attack the isolated Norwegian 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry in the Gratangen valley. The attack was launched early on the morning of April 24th in a swirling…

Combat CommanderC3I Magazine #23

Scenario#: 15     Date: 7-Jul-41     Location: Bessarabia, Romania

After forcing a crossing of the River Prut at Falciu earlier in the week, the Rumanian Army was on the move across Bessarabia. In the afternoon of July 7, elements of the Rumanian 6th Infantry Division attempted to clear one …

Combat CommanderCC: Mediterranean

Scenario#: 14     Date: 15-Sep-39     Location: Sochaczew, Poland

On 9 September, the Polish Poznan Army, encircled by the rapid German advance, attempted to force a crossing of the Bzura River to the southeast. This attack inadvertently allowed time for the Polish Pomorze Army, also trapped in the pocket, …

Combat CommanderCC: Mediterranean

Scenario#: M13     Date: 10-Jul-44     Location: Driniumor River, New Guinea

The desperate Japanese offensive along the Driniumor River by forces of the 20th Infantry Division faced widely strung out US regiments (the 127th, the 128th and the 112th Cavalry), with both parties probing each other. At the culmination point,…

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #4: New Guinea

Scenario#: 122     Date: 1941-08-14     Location: Plyussa River, Narva Vicinity, Estonia

The days of headlong pursuit with little or no Resistance by the Russian Armies had to come to an end at some point. For the soldiers of the German 58th Infantry Division that reality occurred just south of the Estonian …

Combat CommanderC3I Magazine #28

Scenario#: TBP10     Date: June 1941     Location: Minsk, Belorussia

"'All is not quiet on the Eastern Front.”

Combat CommanderTournament Battle Pack

Scenario#: 79     Date: 26-Apr-40     Location: Kvam, Norway

In an effort to shore up the crumbling defenses in southern Norway the British reassigned the 15th lnfantry Division to lead the defense in the Gudbrandsdal Valley on 23 April. The 15th consisted of regular troops originally destined for the …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #5: The Fall of the West

Scenario#: 89     Date: 30-Sep-40     Location: Portsmouth Docks, England

After successfully establishing a beachhead at nearby Bognor Regis, the German 9th Army pushed West towards their ultimate goal: the British naval base at Portsmouth. Although most of the Home Fleet had been evacuated under fire to Scapa Flow and …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #6: Sea Lion

Scenario#: 7     Date: Apr-44     Location: Bessarabia, Romania

By mid April of 1944, the southern front in Russia had seen Soviet troops on the offensive for four consecutive months. Zhukov's plan to attack beyond the Dneister River as far as Chernovtsy was approved by Stavka, with Russian troops …

Combat CommanderCC: Europe

Scenario#: 62     Date: Apr-44     Location: Bessarabia, Romania

Set in a German rear area as Soviet forces press German forces back into the Carpathian Mountains.

Combat CommanderCC: Resistance

Scenario#: 57     Date: 17-Jul-44     Location: La Madeleine, France

The afternoon of 15 July, the US 116th lnfantry Regt. launched an attack along the Martinville Ridge east of St. Ló. As nightfall approached, the 116th was ordered to halt and consolidate its gains for the day. By the time …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #3: Normandy

Scenario#: 80     Date: 14-May-40     Location: Montherme, France

German forces pressed across the Meuse in the face of a French company led by the aggressive Lieutenant Barbaste (KIA), during the afternoon and evening of the 13th. The second line of defense across the narrow portion of the peninsula …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #5: The Fall of the West

Scenario#: G     Date: 22-Oct-42     Location: Eora Creek, Papua, New Guinea

After nearly succeeding in pushing the Australians back upon Port Moresby, the Japanese had neither supply chain nor time enough to hold their gains along the Kokoda Trail and so reverted to the defensive. In a series of grim battles, …

Combat CommanderCC: Pacific

Scenario#: M5     Date: 28-Oct-42     Location: Eora Creek, Papua, New Guinea

The Australians had taken the crossings over Eora Creek, but the Kokoda Trail remained blocked by a Japanese strongpoint to the north. B Company 2/1 Battalion was pinned down to the south and subjected to fire from Japanese heavy weapons. …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #4: New Guinea

Scenario#: TBP02     Date: 2 Sep 1939     Location: Polish Frontier

“Pawel, I have no idea what that sound is. Perhaps you should investigate.”

Combat CommanderTournament Battle Pack

Scenario#: 31     Date: 4-Jan-45     Location: Flamierge, Belgium

The US 17th Airborne Division was new to the European Theater of Operations, having just arrived in the Reims area in France on the 25th of December. The division was attached to General Patton's 3rd Army. One of its initial …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #1: Paratroopers

Scenario#: 87     Date: 23-Sep-40     Location: Bognor Regis, England

Prior to the invasion the pier at Bognor Regis had been redesignated HMS Patricia, a naval spotting station used to coordinate Home Fleet actions in the Channel. A concerted German attack was launched to knock out the pier and assist …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #6: Sea Lion