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Scenario#: 41     Date: 31 July 1759     Location: Beauport, Canada

During the Summer of 1759 British general Wolfe was frustrated by the terrain around Quebec as it thwarted attempts to bring the French army to battle. He finally decided to do a combined amphibious assault against the heights near Montmorency …

Hold the LineThe French & Indian War

Scenario#: 40     Date: 31 July 1759     Location: Quebec, Canada

On 31 July, the first serious attempt by Wolfe’s troops to land on the northern shore led to the Battle of Montmorency. Approximately 3,500 troops, attempted to land, but came under heavy fire; Wolfe pulled his troops back after taking …

Hold the LineThe French & Indian War

Scenario#: 42     Date: 13 Sept 1759     Location: Quebec, Canada

On the night of 13 September, Wolfe sent a diversionary force in boats far above the city while naval forces demonstrated below Quebec as Wolfe successfully led his main assault force up the cliffs along a narrow path. As morning …

Hold the LineThe French & Indian War