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Scenario#: HC04     Date: September 21, 1745     Location: Prestonpans, Scotland

After Fontenoy, Charles Edward Stuart, son of “James III & VIII,” decided the time had come to lead a highland uprising that would restore the Stuarts to the British throne. Against all advice, and without the blessing of Louis XV, …

Hold the LineHold the Line: Highland Charge

Scenario#: FW04     Date: September 30, 1745     Location: Soor, Hajnice, Bohemia

Charles, in a move of surprising boldness, marched on Frederick’s camp in Bohemia. He occupied the hills that Frederick, in a lapse of judgment, had failed to fortify. Frederick was undeterred. He formed his forces in columns and lunged at …

Hold the LineHold the Line: Frederick’s War

Scenario#: FW03     Date: June 4, 1745     Location: Hohenfriedberg, Striegau, Prussian Silesia

Frederick II reentered the war at the behest of Louis XV of France. As was his style, he launched an offensive in 1744, but he was outmaneuvered by the skilled Otto von Traun. However, it was Charles who was selected …

Hold the LineHold the Line: Frederick’s War