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Scenario#: 56     Date: 11-Jul-44     Location: Saint-Lo, Normandy, France

On 11 July, XIX Corps was ordered to attack southward toward St. Ló as part of a First Army offensive to push the German Seventh Army out of Normandy. The 29th Division was ordered to attack and seize key terrain …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #3: Normandy

Scenario#: G32     Date: 6/13/1944     Location: St. George-d'Elle, France

After landing on D-Day, the 2nd Infantry Division was immediately pressed into the attack despite their support weapons and equipment not having arrived. Almost a week later, the division was still fighting with rifles alone. On June 13th, the 1st…

Advanced Squad LeaderThe General #30.6

Scenario#: AP035     Date: 7/11/1944     Location: St. Jean-de-Daye, France

Among German reinforcements torn from the British front to oppose the American bridgehead over the Vire River was the redoubtable Panzer-Lehr Division. While preparing their own attack, the American 9th Division picked up radio signals from Lehr, but…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #4 Normandy 1944

Scenario#: J003     Date: 6/12/1944     Location: Caumont, France

Upon reaching Caumont, the 2nd Panzer’s recon battalion immediately deployed to cover the town’s approaches. A half-hour later, a Jeep full of men from the 26th Infantry Regiment rounded a bend in the road and quickly pulled back after receiving fire…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Journal #1

Scenario#: 27     Date: 7/11/1944     Location: La Croix-Rouge, France

The attack on Hill 192 was only one part of a larger operation east of the Vire directed at St-Lo. This dominating height had been a thorn in the flank of the 1st army for some time. The enemy forces …

Memoir '44Game Trade Magazine #52

Scenario#: 3680     Date: 7/11/1944     Location: la Croix-Rouge, France

For the past month, Hill 192, a dominating height east of the Vire River, has given the Germans a superb observation position on all the approaches to St-Lo, as well as the rear areas of V Corps as far as …

Memoir '44Air Pack

Scenario#: 6969     Date: 7/12/1944     Location: Martinville, France

On the 1th of July 1944, 116th US Infantry Regiment was advancing with difficulty on the Martinville Ridge, repelling the Germans entrenched in numerous hedgerows. With the support of tanks equipped with "Culin" system, US infantrymen advanced…

Memoir '44Open de France 2011

Scenario#: N04     Date: 1944/06/17     Location: Vire-et-Taute, France

16 June was followed by a lull for the 30th Infantry Division, while it waited for the arrival of more men and equipment. Over the next three weeks, the division’s activities consisted mostly of vigorous patrolling and active defence. Daylight …

UndauntedUndaunted: Normandy

Scenario#: 57     Date: 17-Jul-44     Location: La Madeleine, France

The afternoon of 15 July, the US 116th lnfantry Regt. launched an attack along the Martinville Ridge east of St. Ló. As nightfall approached, the 116th was ordered to halt and consolidate its gains for the day. By the time …

Combat CommanderBattle Pack #3: Normandy

Scenario#: BttR03     Date: 1944-07-15     Location: St-denis-le-gast, France

Lock 'n Load TacticalBattles to the Rhine

Scenario#: BttR02     Date: 1944-07-11     Location: W Of Charlemenerie, France

As part of the effort to stop the Allied forces from capturing the city of Saint Lo, the Panzer Lehr Division had been rushed to the area. On one of the fi rst days in the area, the Panzer-Lehr launched a counterattack against elements of the…

Lock 'n Load TacticalBattles to the Rhine

Scenario#: AP034     Date: 6/17/1944     Location: Trevieres, France

After ten days of heavy fighting in the close country, the Germans still held the Villers-Fossard salient, the tip of which extended to within four miles of Omaha Beach. Time and time again American infantry assaulted the German lines, but somehow…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #4 Normandy 1944

Scenario#: DASL13     Date: 7/15/1944     Location: La Luzerne, France

Three days after the enemy counterattack and bloody American advance to Dufayel, the 115th Infantry Regiment had been rejuvenated with an influx of replacements. That "black but victorious 11th of July" was forgotten; in spite of having so many…

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World War II - Western Front, 1944-07-18, Breakout and Pursuit - Battle of St. Lo 11-18 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, 1944-07-15, Breakout and Pursuit - First Army Front West of the Vire River 8-15 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, Breakout and Pursuit - Normandy Front 2 July 1944.jpg

Scenario#: 28     Date: 18 July 1944     Location: Saint-Lo, France

Six weeks after Dday, the 29th infantry Division was still fighting in the hedgerows of Normandy, apposed by the German 352nd Infantry Division. The vital crossroads town Saint Lo was a key objective to the breakout of Normandy. On …

Tide of IronNormandy

Scenario#: 6923     Date: 7/11/1944     Location: Bellefontaine, France

After a long static period in the bocage, the 29th US Infantry Division was ready to advance toward Saint-Lô. But, in the night 10th to 11th of July, a strengthened company of German paratroopers of the 3.Fallschirmjäger Division attacked the …

Memoir '44Open de France 2011

Scenario#: 19304     Date: 6/12/1944     Location: Caumont l'Eventé, France

One week after D-day, it was still time for the consolidation of the Allied beach heads. In the area of Omaha Beach, the next objective for the 1st US Infantry Division "Big Red One" was to capture Caumont l'Eventé, a …

Memoir '44Open de France 2018

Scenario#: 4     Date: 1944-07-16     Location: St. Lo, France

Allied airpower had made movement and bringing in supplies for the German armies in Normandy a nightmare. By mid June 1944, the 3rd Fallschirmjager Division had finally received the major portion of their combat units. After a brief respite where …

Last Hundred YardsLast Hundred Yards

Scenario#: DASL16     Date: 7/11/1944     Location: Dufayel, France

The 115th Infantry had been working its way toward Saint-Lo by fits and start. After resting and refitting for several days, it moved into the line to replace the battered 116th. An attack was laid on to get the stalled advance moving again—but the…

Advanced Squad LeaderDeluxe Advanced Squad Leader

Scenario#: 6831     Date: 6/12/1944     Location: Saint-Clair-sur-Elle, France

After the crossing of the swampy area of Aure river, the soldiers of 29th US Infantry Division who advanced towards Saint-Lô, entered in the normand bocage (hedgerow). On the Elle river, the German defense was stronger. Units of the German …

Memoir '44Open de France 2011

Scenario#: N05     Date: 1944/07/07     Location: Vire-et-Taute, France

Three weeks after the 50th Infantry Division drove the Germans back behind the protection of the Vire-et-Taute Canal and the River Vire, the division launched its first full-scale offensive, an assault crossing of a defended river line. The days…

UndauntedUndaunted: Normandy

Scenario#: AP135     Date: 6/12/1944     Location: Hill 192, France

The week after D-Day, the 2nd Infantry Division was still not ready for the atatck on Hill 192. According to Captain Henry Caulder, a battalion adjutant in the 23rd, the officers leading the attack had not personally reconnoitered the ground and…

Advanced Squad LeaderASL Action Pack #14 Oktoberfest XXXIV

Scenario#: W04     Date: July 16, 1944     Location: Saint-Lo, France

The hedgerow fighting in Normandy was brutal for the Americans. The stout earthen mounds, covered in vegetation, made any progress slow and costly. The terrain favored the defender, and the 352 nd was home here. It was ready for the …

Old School TacticalVolume 2 Western Front

Scenario#: 4659     Date: 7/12/1944     Location: La Luzerne, France

After a month of heavy fighting, the Germans finally lost Hill 192 the previous night (See "Attack on Hill 192", scenario WF14 on p. 30 of the Memoir '44 Air Pack). For the first time since June they no longer …

Memoir '44Battle Maps Series 1 - Hedgerow Hell

Scenario#: BP10     Date: 07/15/1944     Location: Haut-vent, France

Over a month had passed since D-Day and there had not been a breakout from Normandy and its bocage-ridden fields. A key town in attempting a break out was St. Lo. Although military intelligence failed in identifying the defensive qualities …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesBattle Pack Bravo

Scenario#: Comp09     Date: 1944-07-15     Location: Haut-vent, France

Over a month had passed since D-Day and there had not been a breakout from Normandy and its bocage-ridden fields. A key town in attempting a break out was St. Lo. Although military intelligence failed in identifying the defensive qualities of the…

Lock 'n Load TacticalCompendium 3

Scenario#: 2     Date: Jul-44     Location: Pont-Herbert, France

A few weeks after the D-Day landings, General Bradley was keen to choose a suitable place for a swift, decisive breakout with a minimum of casualties in order to get his armored forces into more tank-friendly terrain. The key ground …

Combat CommanderCC: Europe

Scenario#: 29     Date: 26 July 1944     Location: St. Giles, France

During the initial stages of Operation Cobra, the panzer Lehr Division was effectively taken out of action after seeing its forces shrink by nearly 40% following massive damage from both medium and heavy bombers and tactical strikes from P47 fighter…

Panzer (GMT)Exp. #3 Operations For The Drive To The Rhine - The Second Front

Scenario#: Comp19     Date: 1944-07-04     Location: Near La-haye-du-puits, France

As the Allied invasion of Normandy pushed to seize Cherbourg, to replace the lost Mulberry harbor at Omaha Beach due to the worst storm seen in 50 years in the English Channel, the 82nd Airborne were situated in the Bois …

Lock 'n Load TacticalCompendium 1

Scenario#: 11     Date: 8-Jul-44     Location: St. Jean de Daye, France

July 7 saw a brief battle in which German forces were forcibly evicted from their hilltop defenses near the Vire River. The small American force that won the day, elements of the 743d Tank Battalion, including an immobilized M4 Sherman, was then…

Combat CommanderCC: Europe

Scenario#: DASL18     Date: 7/10/1944     Location: Haut Vents, France

A scratch task force from CCB of the 3rd Armored Division, with some GIs from the 30th Infantry, was placed under Lt.-Col. King. His orders: clear Haut Vents. Unfortunately, due to heavy losses in previous action, he could muster only six medium and…

Advanced Squad LeaderDeluxe Advanced Squad Leader

Scenario#: N01     Date: 1944/06/15     Location: La Raye, France

The 30th Infantry Division’s first action was on the morning of 15 June. While over half the division was still afloat or moving through the assembly areas on Omaha Beach, an initial attack was made by an improvised combat team. …

UndauntedUndaunted: Normandy

Scenario#: 20663     Date: 7/11/1944     Location: Le Dézert, France

During the German counter-attack towards Saint-Jean-de-Daye, the 1st battalion of the Panzer-Grenadier Lehr Regiment 901 attacked the village of Le Dézert held by infantrymen of the 9th US Infantry Division. Despite their Resistance, the Allied…

Memoir '44New Flight Plan Bonus

Scenario#: 5     Date: 17 July 1944     Location: Saint-Lo, France

In the weeks following D-Day, the Allies continued to advance slowly from their ever-expanding beachhead, the only exception being the village of St.-Lô. Here the 29th Division has been bogged down for over a month, suffering more casualties outside…

Tide of IronNext Wave

Scenario#: 4172     Date: 7/16/1944     Location: Saint-Lo, France

On July 15, the 116th Regiment started a flanking maneuver around Martinville in an effort to outflank the town's defenders. The lead elements made good progress but Allied Command didn't have a clear picture of the situation on the ground …

Memoir '44Campaign Book Vol 1

Scenario#: N02     Date: 1944/06/15     Location: Montmartin-En-Graignes, France

he the 30th Infantry Division moved south of the railway, it encountered German machine-gun nests in the tiny settlement of L’Enauderie. After a forty-minute battle, they cleared the area. By the end of the morning, the US forces had inched …

UndauntedUndaunted: Normandy

Scenario#: N14     Date: July, 1944     Location: St. Lo, France

Late in the evening a squad of US soldiers on a reconnaissance mission deep in the Normandy countryside are cornered by an enemy patrol and pinned down inside a small farmhouse. Under sustained fire, the unit has taken multiple casualties, …

UndauntedUndaunted: Normandy

Scenario#: 102     Date: 11-Jul-44     Location: Bellefontaine, France

Shortly after midnight, German guns laid down a brief artillery barrage onto positions held by the 1st Battalion of the US Army’s 115th Infantry Regiment, which had recently been brought up to the front line to relieve the battle-worn 116th …

Combat CommanderOnline Bonus

World War II - Western Front, Normandy - 23rd Infantry at Hill 192 11 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, 1944-07-07, Normandy - Attack of VIII Corps 3-7 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, 1944-07-10, Normandy - Attack of XIX Corps West of the Vire River 7-10 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, Normandy - Attack on Hill 192 11 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, 1944-07-16, Normandy - Battle East of St Lo - 15-16 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, 1944-07-17, Normandy - Fall of St Lo - 17-18 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, 1944-07-20, Normandy - First Army Zone 11-20 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, Normandy - First Army Zone 2 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, Normandy - North of St Lo - Attack of 30th Infantry Division - 9 July 1944.jpg

World War II - Western Front, Normandy - North of St Lo - German Counterattack - Afternoon of 9 July 1944.jpg