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Squad Leader

This is Squad Leader, a game of WWII tactical combat in Europe. Now you make the instant decisions resulting in life or death for your men, victory or defeat for your army, for you are the Squad Leader. You direct the fire against your squad, select your plan of attack, or set your defenses against massed Russian human wave or armour assaults. Will that hedgerow provide adequate cover for your flanking efforts, or will your men be cut down by the American machinegun position in the woods? The decision is irrevocable and yours alone. You must live or die by the results.

Squad Leader is more than just a game, it is a game system which can be used to portray any WWII infantry action. Its innovative system does for infantry combat what Panzerblitz and Panzer Leader have done for armoured warfare games. Squad Leader provides innovative rules for morale, leadership, machineguns, flamethrowers, demo charges, smoke, hidden placement, sewer movement, off-board artillery, radio contact, anti-tank guns, night actions, wire, entrenchments, mines, bunkers, rubble, multi-story building differentiation, fire, river crossings, roadblocks, mortars, and much more.

Tank Leader

Tank Leader simulates a variety of tactical situations focing a battalion commander of armored forces on the Eastern Front. It is not restricted to any single battle, area of Russia, or time period, but presents the players with a host of differing situations. Command, control, and communication is the pivotal foctor in the game and is simulated through the use of formation cards which rate units’ abilities. The card play portion of the game is critical, for it determines tactical initiative, who will move first, and how quickly a formation responds to changing situations.

These rules are divided into a Standard and an Advanced Game, and players new to simulation games are particularly encouraged to begin with the Stand ard Game first, partly to familiarize themselves with the unusual mechanics and also to discover the tactics required by a command-oriented game. While the game is not complex in play, foere are strikingly original concepts which require a modest investment of time to grasp; this can best be accomplished via the Standard Game, which uses only tanks. The Advanced Game adds rules for the complete combined-arms force including infantry, artillery, trucks, and forward observers.

Tide of Iron

Tide of Iron is a tactical war game set in World War II that was originally released by Fantasy Flight games in 2007, and was enhanced by expansions that covered the East Front and North Africa. Tide of Iron (TOI) is a scenario-based game. The components and rules provide you with the tools to re-create a vast number of WWII battles and conflicts. Before each game of TOI, players must first agree upon and select a scenario to play. Each scenario will dictate the set-up, special rules, and victory conditions for the game.

A TOI scenario is played over several game rounds, with each round consisting of three distinct phases. What a player needs to accomplish to win a game of Tide of Iron depends on the scenario being played. Each scenario will have a stated objective that the players must accomplish to win. Some scenarios require players to earn a certain number of victory points, while other scenarios may require players to control strategic positions on the battlefield, such as bridges or pillboxes.


Undaunted games are World War II deck-building games, placing you and your opponent in command of American or German forces fighting through a series of missions. Players take charge as squad members and set out to accomplish a mission based on a historicial battle situatiuon.

In Undaunted you are in command of a rifle platoon, striving across a series of missions to claim and hold key objectives. Each scenario will have a different landscape of tiles, which you will have to master in order to claim the objectives and gain advantageous positions. You will be playing cards from your personal deck to control your units, but as casualties mount you will have to aquire new cards to reinforce your dwindling forces.