Advanced Squad Leader

Advanced Squad Leader

Advanced Squad Leader is a game of tactical squad level combat in the European Theater during World War II. Published by Avalon Hill and MMP from 1984 to the present. 

ASL is a completely redesigned version of wargaming's most popular game system bulging with new material to maintain its state of the art reputation on the cutting edge of wargame design. And what's more, ASL will always be up to date because it is not just another rulebook which is here today and obsolete tomorrow. ASL comes in a three ring binder which can be constantly updated by removing obsolete pages and adding new ones much in the same manner as U.S. Army Field Manuals. Coupons are included which can be periodically exchanged for any changes to the system. If a rule is changed, instead of errata — you get a completely revised page to post inside your binder with the change highlighted by a gray screen —and the page containing the error is simply removed. When additional chapters covering new subject matter become available, they and an updated Index are simply inserted into the binder. Your rulebook and the game system thus never become obsolete and are truly the source of a lifetime of gaming pleasure. The rulebook itself is copiously illustrated with full color diagrams and each chapter is color coded and separated by a two-ply, fold-out fiberboard divider containing duplicates of all pertinent charts . . . truly the ultimate in simulation game presentation.
ASL is not just reorganized SQUAD LEADER. The basic foundation of the design has been changed to provide the ultimate combination of realism and playability. Foremost among the many changes is a revised movement system wherein all units are vulnerable to special defensive fire modifiers only as they move. Machine guns and ordnance have a rate of fire which allows them to fire an indeterminate number of times depending on how long it takes them to engage each target. Tanks may actually fire as they move and, depending on their speed and accuracy, can conceivably destroy numerous opposing vehicles in a single turn. Make no mistake — ASL is a very different game — those expecting only a reorganization are in for a pleasant surprise.
This package is not a complete game unto itself. It contains only the rules, tables, and charts for the ASL system. The mapboards, unit counters, and scenarios necessary for play of the game must be purchased in the form of boxed modules or ordered separately. We suggest you purchase ASL Module #1: BEYOND VALOR with ASL as it contains the complete counter set for the German and Russian armies plus all the systems counters necessary for play of ASL. While ASL might conceivably be used in combination with existing SQUAD LEADER components, it is not recommended; the payability of ASL is greatly enhanced by its specially designed components.
Ownership of SQUAD LEADER is not necessary to play ASL, but if you've never played SQUAD LEADER before, we suggest you do so before purchasing this product. SQUAD LEADER is less expensive and will either whet your appetite for this type of game or serve notice that ASL is not for you. SQUAD LEADER also uses a form of Programmed Instruction to aid in learning the game — a convenience not found in the more detailed pages of ASL. Lastly, SQUAD LEADER contains four mapboards which you'll ultimately want for inclusion in your ASL game system anyway — and when ordered separately these can cost as much as the entire SQUAD LEADER game."
1985 ... AH

Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book, 2nd Edition
"ASL. The premier game system of tactical-level World War II combat uniquely combines soundness of design with attention to detail and ease of play. Built on the popular Squad Leader system, ASL has long been the ultimate in tactical wargaming. Now, ASL has just gotten better with the introduction of the ASL RULES 2nd Edition. Not only are the Rules back in full color, but the 2nd Edition also benefits from all the fine-tuning accumulated over the past 15 years. The 2nd Edition also contains material not previously included in the basic Rules, such as: more examples of play throughout, the advanced rules of Chapter E (night, weather, boats, planes, skis, convoys, etc.), the beginner's Training Manual in Chapter K, an expanded Index, and widely-acclaimed playing aids such as the Offboard Artillery Player's Aid and the Overrun Flowchart. Each chapter is in a larger font for ease of reading.
And all without changing how this great game is played. The fruits of 15 years of "playtesting" can be seen here in the ASL RULES 2nd Edition which incorporates all previous errata and questions & answers. Great care has been taken to clear up ambiguities in the rules while keeping the game the same..."
2001 ... Multi-Man Publishing (MMP)

Scenario Locations

Games and Expansions:

0. ASL Rulebook (1985)
0a. ASL Rulebook 2nd Edition (2001) 
1. Beyond Valor (1985)
2. Paratrooper (1986)
3. Yanks (1987)
3a. Yanks (2016 reprint)
4. Partisan! (1987)
5. West of Alamein (1988)
5a. For King and Country (2004)
6. The Last Hurrah (1988)
7. Hollow Legions (1989)
8. Code of Bushido (1990)
9. Gung Ho! (1991)
10. Croix de Guerre (1992)
10a. Croix de Guerre (2020)
11. Doomed Battalions (1998)
12. Armies of Oblivion (2006)
13. Rising Sun (2013)
14. Hakkaa Päälle (2015)
15. Forgotten War (2017)
16. Solitaire ASL (1995)

Action Packs
1-Action Pack 1 (AH, 1997)
2-Action Pack 2 (MMP, 1999)
3-Action Pack 3: Few Returned (MMP, 2007)
4-Action Pack 4: Normandy (MMP, 2008)
5-Action Pack 5: Eastern Front (MMP, 2009)
6-Action Pack 6: A Decade of War (MMP, 2010)
7-Action Pack 7 (MMP, 2011)
8-Action Pack 8: Roads Through Rome (MMP, 2011)
9-Action Pack 9: To the Bridge! (MMP, 2014)
10-Action Pack 10 (MMP, 2014)
11-Action Pack 11: 29 Let's Go! (MMP, 2015)
12-Action Pack 12: ASLOK XXX(MMP,2015)
13-Action Pack 13: Oktoberfest XXXII (2017)
14-Action Pack 14: Oktoberfest XXXIV (2019)
15-Action Pack 15: Swedish Volunteers (2020)
16-Action Pack 16: From the Land Down Under (2021)
17-Action Pack 17: Oktoberfest XXXV (2021)

Deluxe ASL
1. Streets of Fire (1985)
2. Hedgerow Hell (1987)
3. Deluxe ASL (2020)

HASL Modules
1. Red Barricades (1989)
2. Kampfgruppe Peiper I (1993)
3. Kampfgruppe Peiper II (1995)
4. Pegasus Bridge (1996)
5. A Bridge Too Far (1999)
6. Blood Reef: Tarawa (1999)
7. Operation Watchtower (2001)
8. Operation Veritable (2002)
9. Valor of the Guards (2008)
10. Festung Budapest (2012)
11. Hatten in Flames (2018)
12. Red Factories (2019)
13. Red October (2019)
14. Hell's Corner - Battles along the Matanikau River (2021)
15. Sword and Fire: Manila (2022)
16. Drop Zone: Sainte-Mère-Église (2023)

Scenario Packs
A GI's Dozen
Best of Friends
Best of Friends 2
Out of the Attic: Issue #1
Out of the Attic: Issue #2
Out of the Bunker
Rivers to the Reich
Provence Pack
Turning The Tide
ASL Roma 2020

Winter Offensive Packs
Winter Offensive 2010
Winter Offensive 2011
Winter Offensive 2012
Winter Offensive 2013
Winter Offensive 2014
Winter Offensive 2015
Winter Offensive 2016
Winter Offensive 2017
Winter Offensive 2018
Winter Offensive 2019
Winter Offensive 2020
Winter Offensive 2021
Winter Offensive 2022

ASL Classic
ASL Annual '89
ASL Annual '90
ASL Annual '91
ASL Annual '92
ASL Annual '93a
ASL Annual '93b
ASL Annual '95
ASL Annual '96
ASL Annual '97
ASL: Journal – Issue One
ASL: Journal – Issue Two
ASL: Journal – Issue Three
ASL: Journal – Issue Four
ASL: Journal – Issue Five
ASL: Journal – Issue Six
ASL: Journal – Issue Seven
ASL: Journal – Issue Eight
ASL: Journal – Issue Nine
ASL: Journal – Issue Ten
ASL: Journal – Issue Eleven
ASL: Journal – Issue Twelve
ASL: Journal – Issue Thirteen

Also, scenarios included in issues of the General, Special Ops, Operations Special, and Operation magazines.

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