Old School Tactical: Volume 1 Eastern Front

Old School Tactical: Volume 1 Eastern Front

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Irons in the Fire
Operation Barbarossa is launched. Tank on tank actions occur all along the front. In this small fight, German tanks tangle with a surprised group of Soviet light armor.

Over the Border
Operation Barbarossa is launched. Explosive clashes happen all along the front. This is one small dash' of troops just over the border. A German recon unit looks to take a small farmhouse from the Bolsheviks.

Die Falle
Units of 2nd Panzer Group push into the Russian defenses. Guderian pushes his units hard, pushing Eastward to the Dnieper River. The Russian 13th Army stands in the way. Though in a state of disarray, its soldiers will fight and …

Dawn of the Dead
1941 wasn’t all about retreats. The Germans were exhausted, they had fought, they had pushed, hard. Last night the advance ended in the small village, the men in gray collapsing from fatigue, sentries bleary eyed. The next morning the sun …

Take That Town
One winter day in the soviet Union. Lieutenant Voss was tired of sleeping in tents. So were his men. Tonight they would capture that village, and they would be warm. Or at least warmer.

Afternoon, South of the Stalingrad Pocket. The village had spawned several Partisan attacks on passing convoys. The SS were determined to exact retribution. Then the town’s band of Partisans returned, resolved to kill the Germans for those that they…

The Hound and the Hare
Morning, South of the Stalingrad Pocket. They found their place to rest. Nevertheless, the Russians held the Eastern half of the town. At dawn’s early light, the Soviets pulled out and your men were glad to see them go. But …

A Roof to Sleep Under
Evening, South of the Stalingrad Pocket. The snow falls heavily on the 15th of December and two forces seek shelter from the howling wind in a small village. There are two ways to die tonight: exposure and an impactful dose …

The Hedgehog
In the cold winters, the German armu fortified many small villages to hold on. These strongpoints would continue to fight even as the Russian winter offensive passed by.

Cornered Cats
Operation Bagration pushes West with a fury. Units from the 14th SS and 1st Panzer Divisions are isolated in a section of Brody. The Germans are battle hardened but are running low on supplies. The Russian 4th Tank …

501st Heavy
The Russians launch Operation Bagration seeking the destruction of Army Group Center. Tanks of the 5th Army push westward. The 501st Heavy Panzer Battalion rolls into action against enemy forces near Orsha. A heavy armor shield to blunt the Russian …

Push Back
Operation Typhoon exhausted the German army at the gates of Moscow. The Soviets immediately launch a counteroffensive to push back the invaders. Near Rzhev, the worn out troops of Army Group Center steady themselves. They must hold these buildings or…

The Guards
The Russian Guards were elite units of the Soviet Union. They distinguished themselves against their foe. The German 4th Panzer Army pushes to relieve the trapped forces at Stalingrad. Initially surprised, the Russians recover and the 2nd Guards Army…

The Last Minute
The Germans are now struggling to survive the freezing winter temperatures and the Russian winter offensive. Near Tula, Captain Straus and his men absorb the opening blow and try to hold on until reinforcements arrive.

Steiner’s Stand
Sergeant Steiner and his men have been pulling back for a week. With the cold and the Russians at their heels, the platoon has had enough. When they meet up with an AT unit, Sgt Steiner picks his spot to make a stand. They will retreat no further.

A Pair of Eights
The Russians attempt to break the encirclement of Leningrad and the 2nd Shock Army leads the charge. The German 58th Infantry Division has dug in on high ground and do not intend to let the Russians pass. The pair …

Lucky Ivan
Captain Ivan Sokolov has brought his men through many rough battles, including the cauldron of Smolensk. The nickname “Lucky Ivan' was conferred upon him by his superiors as well as his men. Sokolov and his men are cut off once …

The German 16th Army is trapped in a pocket around Demjansk and five Soviet armies are trying desperately to crush it. At dawn, units of the Russian 34th Army launch another assault with armor support. Lieutenant Hauke of the 30th …

Cut Off
A German platoon from the 34th Infantry Regiment has found itself behind enemy lines after a confusing night of battle. Under cover of a heavy snowfall, Sgt. Ritter attempts to lead his troops back to the division.

Chekov’s Bridge
The Russian winter campaign was taking its toll on the cold German soldiers. A German rear guard on the road to haev must destroy a key bridge to stall the enemy. Lt. Grigory Chekov and troops of the 183rd Rifle …

Chaos Reigns
The Russian winter offensive pushes West of Rzhev. A mechanized group breaks into open ground. It crests a hill and surprises a German convoy on the road. The light tanks rush forward and unleash Hell upon the invaders.

Wake Up Call
Russian troops overpower the German sentries standing watch and launch a surprise attack. When the alarm is sounded, the Germans awake to a swarm of Russian troops entering the village.

In the opening phase of Operation Barbarossa, some of the most intense fighting happened near the town of Brody. Army Group South’s 1st Panzer Group clashed with five Soviet mechanized corps. German Stukas buzzed over the battlefield like angry bees.…

The Wolf's Hook
As Barbarossa unfolds, 2nd SS ‘Das Reich’ is at the tip of Guderian’s spear. They have crossed the Berezina and press on. Timoshenko now commands the Soviet Western From and moves to stiffen its defense. Units of the 13th Army …

Case Blue is in motion. The tanks and troops of the 4th Panzer Army surge towards Kotelnikovo. Armor of the Russian 4th Tank Army moves forward to put up a fight.
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