Horse and Musket

Horse and Musket
Horse & Musket is a simple tactical game system covering musket warfare from Vienna in 1683 to Appomattox in 1865. Designer Sean Chick has taken a simple core system and embellished it with nuanced special rules for differences in infantry doctrine and armaments without depriving the game of its elegant, primal simplicity. And for folks who want added depth and complexity, there are a number of optional rules for facing, formation, nationalities, and more that will allow you to tweak the game to suit your own playstyle and preferences. The result is a big, splendid game for a big, splendid era.

Horse & Matchlock: Prelude to an Era (2019)
Horse & Musket I: Dawn of an Era (2017)
Horse & Musket II: Sport of Kings (2018)
Horse & Musket III: Crucible of War (2018)
Horse & Musket IV: Tides of Revolution (2021)
Horse & Musket V: Age of Napoléon (2021)
Horse & Musket VI: Sunset of an Era (2022)
Horse & Musket: Annual #1 (2019)
Horse & Musket: Annual #2 (2020)
Horse & Musket: Annual #3 (2021)
Horse & Musket: Annual #4 (2022)

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Van Dorn’s Last Chance for Glory
Second Battle of Corinth

The Confederacy at Flood Tide
Second Battle of Bull Run

Missouri vs. Missouri
Battle of Wilson's Creek

Victory all along the Line!
Battle of the Volturno

The Birth of the Red Cross
Battle of Solferino

Battle of Selma

Drewry’s Bluff
Battle of Proctor's Creek

The Abdication of Charles Albert I
Battle of Novara (1849)

Missionary Ridge
Battle of Missionary Ridge

Königgrätzer Marsch
Battle of Koniggratz

Honey Springs
Battle of Honey Springs

The Fate of Vicksburg
Battle of Champion Hill

Mexico no longer has an army.
Battle of Cerro Gordo

Tell him to give ‘em hell!
Battle of Buena Vista

Remember the Raisin!
Battle of the Thames

Disaster at Niagara
Battle of Queenston Heights
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