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Raid On Hammelburg
Elements of 37th Tank Battalion and the 10th Armored lnfanry are sent 60 miles behind enemy lines to rescue an expected 300 Allied officers held as prisoners of war.

Juvelize, The Finale
A large battlegroup consisting of remnants of the 111th and 113th Panzer Brigades attacks the northermost elements of CCA 4th Armored Division, in a lastditch effort to stop the American advance into the gap in the German lines.

Ommerey: Duel Of Commanders
Units of CCA 4th Armored Division, advancing southeast toward the town of Ommerey, clash with advance elements of the German 111th Panzer Brigade, set up in the hills west of the town.

Lezey: The Germans Attack
Units of the German 113th Panzer Brigade engage scattered elements of CCA 4th Armored Division in and south of the town of Lezey as they drive on toward Arracourt only a few miles away.

Cruinchy: Bridgehead on the Somme
Rommel pushes a bridgehead across the La Basse Canal at Cruinchy, battling elements of "FrankForce", composed of the 5th and 50th British Divisions, and remnants of 3rd DLM.

Lille: Rommel Attacked
Seattered elements of the French 1st Army attempt to break out of the encírclement at Lille by attacking the blocking positions of the 7th Panzer.

Pommerville: Attack On Cambrai
The 7th Panzer Division attacks elements of the 3rd DLM and 4th North African Division near Cambrai.

Claairfayts: The Maginot Line
The 7th Panzer attacks the 4th North African Division around an extension of the Maginot Line.

Philippenville, Rommel Attacks
Rommel advances westward from the Meuse River, encounteríng elements of the French 1st Armored and 4th North African Divisions near Philippenville.

Dinant: Meuse River Assault
Rommel forces a crossing of the Meuse River near Dinant and Leffe attacking elements of the French 18th Infantry and 1st Cavalry Divisions.

Dieppe, France
August 19, 1942: At 0520, over 4000 Canadians of the 2nd Division landed on the beaches of the coastal town of Dieppe. They were to take the port, bring back examples of the new German 20mm-quad anti-aircraft gun, destroy a torpedo dump and the…

Groesbeek, Germany
508th Parachute Regiment and 376th Parachute Field Artillery Battery seize and defend the Groesbeek Heights from a force of low-level infantry composed of OKM, OKL and recently released convalesent personnel.

Normandy, France, Part II
The 506th Regiment comes to earth near Ste.-Mere-Eglise, to be opposed immediately by elements of the 91st Infantry Division.

Normandy, France, Part I
Pathfinders of the 82nd Airborne land near Ste.-Mere-Eglise to mark the way for the main drop.

Salerno, Italy
U.S. 82nd Airborne units land to reinforce the hard-pressed 36th Infantry Division.

Gela, Sicily
Units of the U.S. 82nd Airborne drop to prevent enemy armor of the 15th Panzer from reaching the coast.

Syracuse, Sicily
The British 1st Air Landing Brigade assaults the Italian city in advance of the invasion.

Maleme, Crete
Elements of the German 11th Air Corps assaults New Zealand defenders of the key Maleme airport.

Eben-emael, Belgium
Assault Battalion Koch strikes the fortress to open the way for the Blitzkrieg.

Moerdijk, Holland
Fallschirmjaeger units assault a vital bridge needed for the advancing armored spearhead.

Stavenger, Norway
Paratroop units descend upon the airñeld to pave the way for the main force.

Seelowe: Invasion of England
A hypothetical scenario: the German invasion of England. Reinforced elements ofthe German 79th Infantry Division attack elements of the British 716th Division on Gold Seebad.

British 1st Tank Brigade plus reinforcements raid German lines held by 7th Panzer Division.

Calais: The Mobile Division Attacks
Elements of the British Mobile Divisions (1st Armored) attack the flank of the 1st Panzer Division.

Arras: Forlorn Hopes
“Frankforce” (elements of the 5th and 50th British Infantry Divisions and the 1st Tank Brigade and remnants of the 3rd DLM attack the Totenkopf SS Motorized Division and elements of the 7th Panzer Division.
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